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Evil Vortex is an online showcase of the digital work I have produced

04/01/11 - Latest News

Well I have not updated the site as much as I would have liked but have been very busy making several games using xna. Please take a look at the XNA section and download my first game "N0D3Z".


Hello and welcome to my website. This website has been fun to make and I hope you have as much fun visiting.

Ok so... I have just finished the website and plan on updating its content a regular basis. Soon I will be adding links to youtube videos for Silhouette Skater and Lylexia. The Orrery video is already up and running in the 3D section so please take a look.

I have recently started using XNA Game Studio and plan on creating several titles for the Indie game section on Xbox live. I am currently creating a game called Silhouette Skater which is progressing very well.


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