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My Name is Antony and I am currently studying Games Technology at UWE.

About to start year 2

I have always had a great love of games and have always wanted to develop my own. I decided to enrol on a Games Technology course to develop my skills. I am just about to start the second year which is mainly based around programming and that is the area in which I would like to specialise.

My main interest at the moment is XNA Game Studio due to amazing way in which you are now able to distribute games. I am going to use XNA to produce games and simulations that incorporate swarm behaviour and physics. I am also a big fan of particle effects and believe the right combination of these elements will produce some amazing games, so lets get cracking...

Please fell free to contact me using the information below.

Contact Details

Email: webmaster@evilvortex.com

Gamertag: VoooDooo



Antony Lavoie

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