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The projects below were created in XNA Game Studio 4.0.



  • N0D3Z is a simple game in which the player must collect all the nodes on the screen in the fastest possible time.
  • Once a node is collected it will orbit around the player.
  • Once an enemy is hit by a node the node then orbits the
    enemy and the enemy will be activated.



  • The player must move around the screen using the arrow keys or gamepad
  • The player can repel the orbiting nodes by holding space or gamepad button "A"
  • Enemies only move when being obited when in play
  • Enemies move randomly in menus
  • If the player is hit their life decreases
  • If player life reaches 0 the player loses
  • If the player collects all the nodes the player wins
  • Gamepad version includes vibration
  • Secret debug mode to be found!

Please click HERE to download the keyboard version of N0D3Z.

Please click HERE to download the gamepad version of N0D3Z.



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