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The models below were created in in 3DS Max 8.

The Orrery


An assignment set was to create an orrery and an
environment with a steampunk theme. I decided to
create a tower and display the orrery in the top as
the main attraction. I chose this is it gave me extra
space to move the camera so I would be able to
create an impressive fly through. I also decided that
the tower should be placed in the centre of a circular
valley. Originally I intended to use vast amounts of
trees but this was not possible due to the strain on
the hardware.
The main steampunk themed item I added was the
leather canope covering the orrery. This dark contrast
works very well with the steel frame and copper piping.

One of my favourite parts of the orrery was the reflection of the mountains you can see in the main planet
as it rotates. Another part I feel was successful was the small pier. The sky is also good as it is perfectly
seamless and appears to be disappearing into the background behind the mountains.




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